A warm welcome to our website.

Originally started in summer 2020, the website’s objectives are to keep in touch with residents and friends of Grindleford and to encourage their involvement with local projects supported by the Parish Council. Scroll to find out more about our working groups.

Grindleford Parish Council is most grateful to John Mottershaw, a local resident, former Councillor and photographer for the original concept of this website.  John has taken most of the photographs, including some of the portraits of Councillors.

You might like to look at the Gallery below for views in and around Grindleford.

An introduction to the council from Andrew Battarbee, Chairman

Welcome to Grindleford Parish Council.  There has been a Council in this village since the 1920s.  I have lived here since 2000 when we moved up as a family from London.  Both our children went to the primary school here and we have put down deep roots into this wonderful community. 

The Parish Council exists to protect and serve the village and those who live in it, and I will do my very best to fulfil my duties as Chair over the next four years as well as I can. 

A word from Sarah Battarbee – Parish Clerk

Hallo everyone, I am the current Clerk for Grindleford Parish Council, and only the fourth since the Council was formed.  So quite hard shoes to fill.

Each month, on the second Thursday at 7.00 pm in the Pavilion, the Council meets to discuss business.  If you would like to attend,  or contact me or the Council on any other matter, please email



 This year the Parish Council has set up 3 working groups to focus efforts on key activities that affect the village:


A photograph showing 2 children, each side of a banner that says 'help children walk and cycle to school please give us 20mph speed limits' One child is on a balance bike, the other a scooter. Both wear helmets and a wide grin.

Latest Meetings

Minutes of all meetings are available here.


On Being a Parish Councillor

…. Here are seven random reflections on how the PC works and what it’s like to be a member, based on my experience since 2015.

by Andrew Battarbee.



The War Memorial

Our impressive War Memorial is situated in the area known as The Green. This, in days gone by, was the village centre with a Post Office and Kenyons, the large village store. Kenyons was situated on what is now the Hotel car park.
On the surrounding walls of the Memorial we can see evidence that ……continued

Grindleford Parish Statement

A very informative Parish Statement has been produced by the Parish Council for the Peak District National Park.

This includes a history of Grindleford and a great deal of detailed information about the village. It can be viewed on the Peak District National Park website here (opens in new window) and is well worth a read.


The Grindleford News

Did you know that Grindleford Parish Council pays for the Grindleford News each quarter? 

The Grindleford News was started in – guessing – about 2003 by Frank Galbraith, who felt that a regular magazine with news about the village would be a good idea to keep everyone in touch with what was happening. 

Grindleford was both a very different and very similar place in those days …..continued

For some time the Parish Council have been financially supporting , the village’s own website.

Run by volunteer Matt Heason, the village website is a strong indicator of the energy and vibrance of our village and is full of information and interest.

(link opens in new window)

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