The Queens Walk

A short walk within the village for the Jubilee celebrations on 5 June.  It can be done in two halves.  There are 25 points of interest on two loops, 11 on one and 14 on the other.  

Start:  both walks start at the phonebox

Finish, the Bishop’s pavilion.

Distance:  the northern route by Padley Chapel, 2.14 miles 225 ft elevation

Distance:  The Southern Route, by Fair Flora, 145 miles 150 ft elevation

PLEASE NOTE THE WALKS ARE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  No part of the walk is very high but it could get slippery underfoot.  There is one river crossing, and one potentially boggy patch, although you can avoid both of these by retracing your steps.  These alternatives are indicated in the instructions.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that those living in the houses along the route have not given permission for anyone to enter their house or garden.  Please respect this – thank you!

Northern route.  Leave the phonebox and walk in the direction of the bridge.  (1)