This meeting was held remotely by Zoom. 


Present:  Elizabeth Coe – in the Chair, Andrew Battarbee, Hilary Hart, John Mottershaw, Rob Tamlyn, Ray Whiteley, John Morton.   Sarah Battarbee, Clerk.  Cllr Judith Twigg. 

Apologies:  PC Anthony Boswell; Robert Wilson (knee operation) Peter O’Brien (DDDC meeting).   

  1. County Councillor’s report.Cllr Twigg.  PO’B asked Cllr Twigg to urge other Councils not to permit use of glyphosate within their parish boundaries.  Clerk asked Cllr Twigg if she could help with flooding at Mount Pleasant, and overgrowth on the corner of the Main and Hathersage Roads


  1. District Councillor’s report. PO’B reported via the Clerk on the 20mph speed limit in Hope Valley villages proposal. 


  1. Police report. There was none 


  1. Minutesof the last meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting. They were pro HH sec EC asbeing a true record approved and signed. 


  1. Matters arising:

            Parish Council website.  Now live. Cllrs were implored to keep it regularly updated with articles relevant to the Parish Council’s business.  Not only does that encourage the readership, it fulfils the primary purpose of letting the village know how much the parish council actually does. 

Jubilee Gardens.  EC to write a spec of what the Potting Shed Ladies are expected to do.  Cllrs agreed to the idea of planting herbs, John Morton also suggested roses.  Whatever is planted will have to be deer proof. The repair work is still to be completed, although the fence met with approval.

Overgrowth by B6001 junction– DCC say they are pursuing this with the landowner, Clerk to check progress.  

Weedkilling.  Clerk to draft another letter to DDDC proposing a way forward. 

Changes to planning consultation. This was thought to be an important item for consideration.  HH had kindly attended an on-line seminar and shared slides from John Scott at the Peak Park’s presentation.  There was some uncertainty as to whether National Parks were exempt from the proposed changes.  Clerk to write to the Peak Park to find out more about the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan. 

Ragwort invasion. Action with JM. 


  1. Highway Matters 20 mph proposal, parking, traffic calming and cycle lanes were discussed and it was agreed that a separate cross-group of residents and Parish Cllrs should be set up to come up with some proposals for the Parish Council to consider.


  1. Planning MattersNP/DDD/0820/0800 The Smithy, Main Road, Grindleford.Change of use from a single surgery dental practice to a two-bedroom holiday cottage.   No objections. 

NP/DDD/0920/0826 Cayley Lodge, Maynard Road, Nether Padley, Grindleford.  Ground floor extension to the rear leading down to create a lower ground level storey built in to the existing sloping garden, which will also perform as a ground floor terrace area.  The Clerk has written to the Peak Park registered a number of objections, principally about the proposed size of the extension, but also with regard to building materials and the design which is not in keeping. 


  1. Accounts


Chq No







The Potting Shed Ladies


Jubilee Gardens



Sheffield University


Grindleford News


  1. Applications for Funding.  Playgroud equipment and defibrillator– it was agreed that for now, the existing defibrillator would be moved from the Sir William to the Pavilion subject to agreement by relevant parties. Instructions on how to use the defibrillator, and where it is located, would be made available to the village. Cllrs thought that the funding so freed up could be used to support the upgrade the playground equipment, and the Clerk was asked to approach the relevant people.
  2. Noticeboard on Maynard Rd. Ian Fretwell had asked whether there would be any objections if he were to take on work to upgrade this noticeboard.  None were raised.
  3. Remembrance Sunday arrangements. It was agreed that, as of the extant Covid arrangements, it was important that the ceremony should go ahead and arrangements for social distancing were discussed.   Clerk had ordered four wreaths, for school, church, Parish Council and Royal British Legion.  NB since then the country has gone into lockdown and no ceremony open to the public will be possible.  Thanks were given to Ray Whiteley who has taken over a lot of the work associated with Remembrance Sunday. 


As there was no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.00 pm.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING– Thursday 12 November 2020


Sarah  Battarbee

Clerk to the Council



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