Minutes of Meeting, March 12th 2020


Present:  Robert Wilson, Chair; Elizabeth Coe, Hilary Hart, John Morton, John Mottershaw, Rob Tamlyn,.  Sarah Battarbee, Clerk.  

Apologies:  Peter O’Brien, Andrew Battarbee, Ray Whiteley, PC Boswell.     

County Councillor’s report.  Cllr Twigg agreed to chase up the repair work to the path beside the War Memorial. (This has subsequently been done).  

District Councillor’s report.  There was none.  

Police report.  There was none.  

Minutesof the last meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting.  They were pro  JRM sec JSM as being a true record approved and signed.  

Matters arising         Motorbike racing at Stoke Barn.  PC Boswell had been in touch with the Clerk.  CREST will be providing speeding monitors in the 50 mph zone, which will record speeds 24 hours a day and require no manpower.  The results will be assessed.  Within the 30 mph, PC Boswell will, when possible, provide training for residents to do speed checks and advise on the right locations to stand.  Ideally two groups of three volunteers need to be found.  This is all now on hold until further notice.  

Phone box.  The phone has now been removed and in due course the electrical work can be done. 

Climate change course.  The Chair and clerk had attended a climate change course at the start of March run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy.  Several topics were reported:  greening verges; why DCC is not declaring a climate emergency; village green energy projects; and a Derbyshire-wide council climate change group, representing Councils across the county.  It was agreed that the clerk would put together an action plan for how Grindleford Parish Council could respond to climate change with a view to declaring a Climate Emergency.  (The clerk has unilaterally decided to leave further discussion of this until we can meet face to face).

Defibrillator.  We have permission from the Playing Fields Association to investigate putting a second defib on the Pavilion wall somewhere.  Funding is the next step.  Again, this has been put on hold for now. 

Jubilee Gardens.  JSM gave the background to the Gardens being common land.  Clerk to investigate the liability the Parish Council have for its upkeep.  Changing levels to use it as a drain for flood water may have to be approved by the Secretary of State. 

Green Lanes.  The Turnbulls had taken a step back from making Leam Lane a green lane after discussion about  having to link it to other green lanes.  They may return to it in the future. 

Station extension update.  Should have been completed by the end of March.  The work has generally passed by without incident and residents have been satisfied with the level of customer service provided by Buckingham Group.  

Planning matters.   There were none.  

Accounts. The following cheques were presented, pro JRM sec EC that they should be paid:  

Cheque Date PayeeAmount Details 
Cheque Date PayeeAmount Details 
59712/3//20John Wood £79.20Grit and sandbags 
59812/3//20Sarah Battarbee£9.79Cartridges
59912/3/20Potting Shed Ladies £80Jubilee Gardens maintenance
60012/3/20DALC£257.88Annual subscription

1.    Correspondence:   it was agreed that the Council would support Calver’s bid to have traffic slights installed at the river bridge, where the parapet was constantly being damaged by big lorries negotiating the bend.  

There being no further business the chair closed the meeting at 8.40 pm. 

DATE OF NEXT MEETING– Thursday  9 April 2020

Sarah Battarbee

Clerk to the Council 

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