Minutes of Meeting, January 2019


10th January 2019 at 7.30pm IN THE BISHOP PAVILION.

Present; Chairman R. Wilson; Councillors; E. Coe, J S Morton, V. Massey-Bloodworth, A. Battarbee, P O’Brien, Clr. Twigg (p.t.) & Clerk A.P. Jacques.

Apologies; R. J. Whiteley & I. Howard.

County Councillors Report; Clr Twigg reported on street light & hedging on Bridge Lane; parking issues & Eyam New Road closure.

District Councillors Report; VMB reported on community awards, councillors grant scheme & market proposals.

Police Report; there was none. 

Minutes of the last council meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting.  Pro VMB Sec POB as being a true record approved and signed.

Matters arising; there were none.

Planning Applications; there were none.

Decision notices; Replace existing shed with new, install perimeter fence with new at Longshaw Estate. Granted subject to conditions.

Listed Building Consent to convert & reconfigure internal rooms & refurbishment of windows at Hazelford Hall. Granted subject to conditions.

Accounts; there were none. 

DDDC requested estimates for the 2019/20 Precept. It was Pro RW Sec JSM that the sum agreed in the budget of £6,630.00 be submitted. Agreed unanimously.

Highways; the Clerk reported that overgrown hedging on Bridge Lane had been cut back.

A discussion was held regarding deer incursions on the roads approaching the village which had increased recently, greatly raising the potential for serious road traffic accidents. It was agreed to request DCC to erect warning signs on the Hathersage, Calver & Fox House Roads.

Search for a Clerk. Adverts had been placed in a DALC circular, in the Peak Advertiser & on the notice board.  All Parishes in Derbyshire Dales have also been notified & a notice has been placed in the Grindleford News due out at the weekend. To date the Clerk had received 4 enquiries, but as yet no applications.

AB agreed to act as an additional member of the interview panel as & when required.

Correspondence. DDDC requested advice as to whether a Parish election was likely this year. It was generally felt that this was unlikely.

A letter from a resident of Upper Padley regarding the deer incursions was received, noted & replied to.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.00pm.

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