Minutes of Meeting, February 13th 2020


Present:  Robert Wilson, Chair; Andrew Battarbee, Hilary Hart, John Morton, John Mottershaw, Peter O’Brien, Rob Tamlyn, Ray Whiteley.  Sarah Battarbee, Clerk.  

Apologies:  Elizabeth Coe, John Morton, PC Boswell.      

County Councillor’s report.  Cllr Twigg spoke about what other parishes had done re electric car recharging points. Cllr Wilson said that the matter had been widely discussed but no sites had been identified that could be used in Grindleford.  The Clerk asked for Cllr Twigg’s support in getting a dangerous tree on the Main Road removed, and also to have repairs done on the pavement by the War Memorial which has been damaged by rain.  Cllr Hart asked whether Derbyshire CC were involved in the verges wildflower scheme. The Clerk agreed to write to enquire further.  

District Councillor’s report.  Cllr O’Brien reported that it had been agreed that Council Tax should rise by 2.39%.  Abney Road has been opened to pedestrians and horses.  

Police report.  There was none.  

Minutesof the last meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting.  They were pro  RW sec HH as being a true record approved and signed.  

Matters arising         Motorbike racing at Stoke Barn.  The clerk had received a response from the Police Commissioner.  There is an opportunity to borrow the necessary kit to do community speed checks. The clerk has written to PC Boswell asking for more details.  

Derbyshire Alert.  The Clerk has signed up as requested.  

Phone box.  It was agreed that another village defibrillator in the phone box wouldn’t be appropriate but there was discussion about looking to provide a second one on an outside wall of the Pavilion.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Playing Fields Committee (and has done so).   Insurance for the phone box still needed to confirmed.  


Planning matters.   There were none.  

Accounts. The following cheques were presented, pro HH sec RT that they should be paid:  

Cheque Date PayeeAmount Details 
59413/2//20DALC£60Climate change training course x 2
59513/2/20Grindleford Litter Pick AH£248.70New equipment 
59613/2/20Sheffield Uni£239.50Grindleford News

1.    Correspondence:   

Flooding.  Three new flood wardens have been identified, John Baily, Robert Wilson and Mike Willis.   They have been invited to attend the next flood group meeting with the Environment Agency.  Replacement of the fencing at the Jubilee Gardens was discussed and the Clerk undertook to find out what the legal position is.  

VE Day.   Grindleford Singers had enquired whether there would be any events to mark VE Day. It was agreed that no special arrangements would be made by the Parish Council.    

Parking.  It was agreed that while residents’ parking was desirable there was no possible place to put a carpark.  The issues of pulling out of Derwent Close onto the main road were discussed and it was agreed that a mirror on the lamppost opposite would not go amiss.  

Precept.  This was agreed by Council pro JM sec RT.  It was noted that our precept is low for our population compared to others.  

There being no further business the chair closed the meeting at 8.32 pm. 

DATE OF NEXT MEETING– Thursday  12 March 2020

Sarah Battarbee

Clerk to the Council 

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