Minutes of Meeting, August 8th 2019


8 August 2019at 7.30pm IN THE BISHOP PAVILION.

Presentation by Buckingham Contracts Group about proposed works to the platform at Grindleford station.  As a result of new 5 coach trains Buckingham Contracts Group informed the Parish Council about extensions to both platforms, towards the tunnel on Platform 2 and away from it on Platform 1.  Assurances were given about noise levels, as the work will be carried out at night (mostly Saturdays).  The work will start in late September and finish is early December.  RT stressed that residents must be kept adequately informed and complaints must be properly responded to.  Lights should be put in gardens and faced onto the track and away from houses.  Liz Baily attended for FoGS, and spoke off line to Buckingham Group afterwards.  

Presentation by Sally and Richard Turnbull about designating Leam Lane as a quiet lane.  As part of the process they asked the Parish Council for support for the scheme.    

Present:Chairman Bob Wilson; Councillors Elizabeth Coe, Hilary Hart, Peter O’Brien, Andrew Battarbee, John Mottershaw, John Morton, Rob Tamlyn, Ray Whiteley.  Clerk Sarah Battarbee.  

Apologies:There were no apologies.   

  1. County Councillors Report:Cllr Twigg joined discussion on the railway platform extension, maintenance of signs and on quiet lanes.  She undertook to look further into quiet lanes, and to report back.   
  • District Councillors Report:  P O’B reported on the situation regarding electric car recharging points.  At the moment the Council will not put these on the street, where there is potentially most need.  P O’B also reported joining the DDDC Climate Change action group.  
  •  Police Report:PC Boswell sent a report that there had been some damage to a bench.
  • Minutes of the last council meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting.  They were Pro JRM Sec HH as being a true record approved and signed.
  • Matters arising: 

·     Minutes of last meeting have been posted to the resident who helped to restore the War Memorial benches, with thanks. 

·     HH has kindly provided comprehensive comments on the Parish Assessment, which have been forwarded; 

·     PPPF: HH provided additional information about the forum.  Parishes Day is on 12 October; proposed that HH and SB would attend;

·     Discussion about charging points identified issues with generator capacity, especially for cars which recharge rapidly.  As PO’B reported, charging points on the road are not part of the Council’s plan.  The clerk had been sent information from Go Electric about heavily subsidised recharging points and will investigate;  

·     The field up Sir William Hill which is being used as an occasional venue is not within the Parish boundary.  

  • Planning Applications:

·     NP/DDD/0719/0720 Lynchets Adlington Lane.  No objections in principle but the extension should perhaps have a pitched roof and be set back slightly from the main line of the building. 

·     NP/DDD/0719/0807 Oakeswood Tedgness Road.  No objections. 

·     NP/DDD/0719/0802 Willow Bank Main Road Nether Padley.  No objections. 

·     NP/DDD/0719/0700 Longshaw Estate Car Park.  No objections. 

  • Accounts: thefollowing cheque was presented for signatures Pro EC Sec JRM that they be approved and paid. 
9418/8/19Sarah Battarbee £388.08Printing Newsletter 
  • Highways: 
  • RT had attended the meeting organised by Hathersage parish council to talk about parking issues. There had not been any concrete outcomes which would help with the parking at Longshaw.   
  • Quiet Lanes – the Parish Council agreed to support the proposal.    
  • Correspondence: following discussion at previous meetings the clerk has been in email correspondence with the Tropical Butterfly House.  They are likely to attend the  Climate Change meeting on 16thSeptember.  The clerk has also invited them to attend a Parish Council meeting. 

10.  Transition Hope Valley support:  following on from an email from Jane Campbell of Transition Hope Valley, it was agreed that the Parish Council will provide £50 to meet expenses for the Climate Change action meeting on 16 September.  Pro AB Sec JRW.  In the light of the support pledged at the previous meeting Councillors were also requested to attend the meeting in their official capacity if they could, to hear views and provide a strong presence for this important topic. 

11.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.  

Sarah Battarbee

Clerk to the Council 

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