Minutes of Meeting, April 11th 2019


11th April 2019at 7.30pm IN THE BISHOP PAVILION.

Present;Chairman R. Wilson; Councillors; J S Morton, V. Massey-Bloodworth, A. Battarbee, R. J. Whiteley, I. Howard, E. Coe, P O’Brien, J Mottershaw.  Clerk Sarah Battarbee.  A P Jacques, outgoing Clerk, also attended.  

Apologies;Clr. Twigg.

County Councillors Report:there was none.  Councillors are anyway in purdah prior to the local elections on 2 May.  

District Councillors Report:there was none, see above.   

Police Report:there was none. 

Minutesof the last council meeting had been circulated to all members before the meeting.  Pro JSM Sec JM as being a true record approved and signed.

Matters arising;there were none.

Planning Applications: NP/DDD/0319/0296 Lawful Development Certificate 1 Main Road Existing Extension to Dwelling.  The application was noted.  

NP/DDD/0419/0323.  Proposed extension to dwelling and replacement windows, Lane End Cottage, Main Road, Grindleford.   Grindleford Parish Council recommends approval, noting that the materials to be used for the side wall of the development were not listed and should be in keeping with the rest of the building.  

Accounts.  Payments: it was agreed thatthe following cheques be signed at the meeting.   Pro EC Sec JM that they be approved. 

Cheq DatePayeeAmountDetails
93211/4/19P W Colledge£28Bus shelter clean
93311/4/19DALC £250.37Subs
93411/4/19Peak Park Parishes’ Forum£12Subs

Audit:  it was agreed that Alan Jacques would complete the audit for the accounts, as he was clerk for the period covered.  The completion of the Certifcate of Exemption was agreed, Pro PO’B Sec VMB.  The Annual Governance Statement was also agreed, Pro EC Sec JSM.  Minute page number 528.

Highways Matters:  there were none.  Two agenda items for the next meeting were proposed i) contacting the Council again about parking at Longshaw and ii) speaking to the organisers about the White Peak Trail event held recently.

Elections:  because there were sufficient seats for all nominations received there is no need for Grindleford Council to hold formal elections.  Councillors after 2 May will be:

Andrew Battarbee, Elizabeth Coe, Hilary Hart, Peter O’Brien, John Mottershaw, Rob Tamlyn, John Morton, Ray Whiteley, Robert Wilson.  

Councillors sincerely thanked Irene Howard and Vicky Massey-Bloodworth, who are standing down, for their contribution to the work of the Council. 

Correspondence. Parish Member appointments to the Peak District National Park Authority.  Nomination forms are due to arrive on 22 April and will be circulated by the Clerk. The closing date for completed nomination forms in 28 May.  

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm.

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