Teams Meeting 8th March 2021 Minutes

Attendees Elizabeth Coe,(chair) Peter O’Brien, Rob Tamlyn, Tom Ricketts. John Mottershaw, Ray Whiteley, Hilary Hart

1. Report from Councillor Twigg:
Councillor Twigg said that further discussion with DCC’s Interim Director – Economy, Transport and Communities resulted in the same conclusion:
“A reduction to a 40mph speed limit is not justified at this time as the current 50mph speed limit is appropriate.”

Regarding the 20s plenty campaign she said that others are enthusiastic about following the 20mph speed limit. Parish Councils are pledging support and are putting forward a motion. Bamford has signed up and at least 7 others. The Police Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa, is very supportive of it. Councillor Twigg thought it would be better to wait until after the election when there would be a new council.

2. Minutes of the last meeting approved.

3. Matters arising – none that weren’t on the agenda.

4. Speedwatch:
Ray Whiteley reported back to say that he had given the coordinator the names of the members interested in being part of Speedwatch totalling 9 people in all. Virtual theory training is being set up.

5. Parking:
Poor parking in the village recently when a white van parked almost totally on the pavement on the junction of Hathersage Road. This was not a local vehicle. There was no way to get through on the pavement. A wheelchair user, pushchair or a pedestrian had to walk in the road on what was a slight bend with reduced visibility. Photos were shown to the police who will continue to look at trying to resolve this problem. Where possible, it is important to take photographs of poor parking and post them on the village website. The cumulative effect of these photos will be significant.
Discussed the possibility of priority traffic flow. Problem with one way systems.
Issue is that people want to park close to where they live.

6. 20s plenty update:
20mph limits are recommended in preference to 20mph zones. Zones are much more expensive to install, speed bumps and other traffic calming measures increase noise and air pollution. Making 20mph normal is 7 x better value for money than installing speed bumps.

From April 2022, all new cars will have in-car speed limiters. Only a few of these vehicles will be needed to slow traffic and 20mph will become normal.
Public engagement in these measures is best practice.

7. Traffic survey
It is hoped that residents of Grindleford will take the time to complete the questionnaire which deals with a number of traffic problems in Grindleford. It would be good to hear residents’ responses and suggestions to the various issues.

Distribution will be via the Grindleford News in April with completed forms returned to the Community Shop, Parish Councillors or via COVID wardens by April 30th. Tom, John, Bob and Hilary have agreed to analyse the data when collected.

8. Electric Car Charging points.
Tom has spoken to Terry at the Sir William who is considering. The Maynard would not be eligible for a grant so it would be too expensive for them. Other possible sites include Whites at Calver Garage but this would be a commercial venture and distant for Grindleford residents. Grindleford Community Shop is a possibility and the question was asked whether the Pavilion could be another location. Hathersage PC is considering the Car Park and Bradwell is prepared to put in points at the Memorial Hall.

Next meeting to be decided when traffic survey in.

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