Teams Meeting 17th Dec 2020 Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Coe (Chair), Councillor Judith Twigg, Peter O’Brien, John Mottershaw, Rob Tamlyn, Ray Whiteley, Tom Ricketts, Hilary Hart

  • Minutes of the meeting on the 19th November agreed

  • Matters arising. None that weren’t already on the agenda except there was a request from Tom to hear what happened at the HV Villages Liaison meeting 09/12/20

  • Welcome to Councillor Twigg who wanted us to go through the areas of concern around traffic in Grindleford.

  • Discussed speed watch developments. Thanks to Ray Whiteley who has taken this over from Sarah who has considerable work on and therefore unable to give this the time. Ray has been given all of the information from Sarah and will get it moving in the new year. Progress to be reported at next meeting.

  • Parking – a questionnaire will be developed to be circulated around the village. Members of the group to send their contributions to Hilary Hart by mid-January so it can be discussed at the next meeting on the 4th February.

    Concerns around parking on pavements and at junctions were raised

    Discussion around households with multiple vehicles parking on the main road. Possibility they could be moved along the road beyond the allotments was suggested. Some discussion about whether a small parking area could be developed above the allotments. Previous requests for this have been turned down because of access but it was thought this was not insurmountable if people of the village lobbied the CC.

    Parking at the junctions both Hathersage Road and Derwent Close and suggestion that a mirror could be placed on the lamppost for the safety of vehicles exiting Derwent Close. This has previously been turned down by the CC but Councillor Twigg will find out if the Parish Council could buy a mirror and have it installed.

    20s plenty campaigns gathering pace. EU legislation – lots of councils signing up. Derbyshire CC are not supportive of the 20s plenty campaign but the CC were doing more speed checks. It was suggested by Councillor Twigg that most offenders who speed are locals. Considered CC should be listening to the villages who request this.

    The Hope Valley Villages:
    Edale – traffic survey
    Bradwell response to 20 mph speed limit said no
    Hope is going for traffic calming
    Grindleford was going to have a black box but this has been put on hold
    Bamford is in favour of speed limit thought National 20s plenty would gain more momentum Hathersage survey under construction

    Discussion about collective action inviting police rep to talk about traffic. 30 mph is the norm and CC and police need evidence that accidents have happened.

    General view was that village centres should be made for locals and not transit routes.

    Also not on the agenda but concerns about the dangers on the Hathersage Road particularly for children riding bicycles to school. Traffic speeds along that Road and 50 mph is too fast when it is so narrow with walls occasionally on both sides. Councillor Twigg says that the Peak Park did not want signs but suggest that we plan for short term for caution cyclist signs and individual lobbying is thought to be the most effective way to put pressure on the CC.

    Next Meeting arranged for 4th February.

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