Grindleford Parish Council – funded projects up to end of 2020/21 Financial Year

Due to a number of factors Grindleford Parish Council had a fairly substantial underspend at the end of 2020 and has therefore been able to fund a number of projects.  (This underspend was a one-off because of specific circumstances, and the Parish Council is usually at the limits of its budget under normal circumstances.)

The new playground upgrade.  The Council is very pleased to pledge £2,000 for this important project which will benefit the younger residents in the village, who have been hard hit by the pandemic, and their parents; support the pre-school and school; and improve the overall desirability of Grindleford as a place to live.  The Council will continue to look for other ways in which it can support this project. 

Safer Roads Green Villages. £250 was donated to support this initiative which aims to find a new and more collaborative approach to the issues of walkers, cyclists and cars in the Hope Valley. 

£250 has also been given to the tree planting initiativefor the purchase of tree stock.  Planting will begin when Covid allows in Oxhay Woods, in collaboration with the National Trust.  A small planting project is also planned along the bank in the bonfire field.  

£50 has been donated to the Peak Park towards their initiative to plant sphagnum moss, in order to preserve the peatlands which are in a parlous state. 

The Council are also planning to replace the noticeboard, currently at the foot of the bridge.  Current plans are to resite it nearer to the village noticeboard by the bus stop, so that it is easier to check notices on both boards at the same time. 

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