General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Grindleford Parish Council is in the process of reviewing its policies including GDPR.  It is using the templates supplied by the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils as a basis. 

Specifically, Grindleford Council’s GDPR policy will ensure that our website has the capacity to allow a person to:

  • request to see all the details that Grindleford Parish Council holds on them in human and machine readable format.
  • request that Grindleford Parish Council deletes all the personal data that is held by an organisation

In addition, Grindleford Council’s policy sets out:

  • a valid reason is required for gathering and processing anyone’s data
  • consent must be sought and given when gathering data
  • the mechanism for withdrawing that consent at any time
  • the precautions which are taken to protect any personal data which is gathered.

Grindleford Parish Council’s GDPR Policy is available on request.



Grindleford Parish Council

Grindleford is a small rural village with 960 residents living in 350 houses. There are nine Councillors on the Parish Council.

Grindleford Parish Council has only very recently had its own dedicated website and so historical website compliance is not an issue.  The website has been designed with the new legislation in mind. 

Grindleford Parish Council has therefore made efforts to ensure that their website is compliant with the new legislation [    ]  by ensuring that:

All images have informative alt tags:  We are in the process of making sure that all images have Alt tags containing descriptive information.  We aim to be fully compliant by end October 2020 and any new images will comply.

Wrap around text when enlarged – our site conforms

Availability in plain text or other formats – this is available on request.  The website has an enquiry form which goes direct to the Parish Clerk who will supply. 

Mobile friendly – our site conforms.

Background colour other than white to make the site easier to read for visually impaired – our website is on cream rather than white throughout. 

Other requests will be treated on a case by base basis. If we can accommodate them, we will, unless they constitute a disproportionate burden. 

Other people involved – committee / team etc.  Our website designer is also a Parish Councillor who has website design expertise. Otherwise the Parish Clerk has been involved in the design and collection of material.  Beyond that we feel that for such a small village requests would be covered by disproportionate burden.

Ongoing compliance with the website accessibility regulations.  At its meeting on 8 October 2020 the Council agreed that its website would be reviewed annually in September to ensure compliance.  (Minute no – ). 

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Ask us a Question

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